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Installing Pond Liner

Installing Pond Liner, Getting a Koi Fish Garden Pond Started

Installing Pond Liner

Installing Pond Liner first step is to cover the bottom of your pond with 1″ (2.5cm) of soft sand to protect the liner from sharp stones. If not too steep, cover flat shelves and the sides or remember to use underlay in these areas.¬† Put your underlay in. This is usually in sheets or on a roll, it doesn’t have to be in one piece, you can just overlap the pieces a bit. A quick tip for handling your underlay is to wet it slightly to prevent it from blowing away. Ensuring to cover the sides & walls with the underlay.

Now lay the liner in loosely directly on top of the underlay. Quick tip to unfold your liner completely and lay in the sun to smooth out any creases, usually 15 Р30 minutes.  Take off your footwear as to not damage the liner when you need to enter the area to fold all the corners and flatten into shape. You do not want any lumps or bulges as they will be unsightly in a full pond. Use smooth rocks to help keep the liner in place.  Making sure to have enough extra liner for the edges.

Finishing the Installation of your Pond

Installing Pond Liner, Getting Your Koi Fish Garden Pond Started Pond Filter 10000 Gallon Pond

Fill slowly with a hose, making sure all creases/folds are tidy.  As the water level rises the liner will start to crease and fold, its important to make any adjustments needed while the pond is filling.   The weight of the water will secure the liner in place.  Do not fill to the surface as you may need to cut flaps into shape and cap area with stone, edging etc. There are many products available to edge and cap off your pond.  Installing pond liner does not have to be a difficult project.

Check out our wide variety of Underlays and Pond Liners.   As always, remember to check our Facebook page for coupons and news.

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