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Pond Water Chemistry

Pond Water Chemistry

Knowing about your water garden koi fish pond water chemistry is essential to a Happy & Healthy pond. However, several variables influence water quality for plants, flowers, fish and aquatic life including water temperature, nitrates and pH, carbon dioxide, alkalinity and hardness. Additionally, water quality can be affected by the interaction of these factors and others.

When you initially setup your koi fish pond and fill with water, there is no natural bacteria available to digest fish waste and ammonia omitted from the fish’s gills. There are a number of bacteria additives that you can introduce. Using these additives will speed up the balancing procedures of your pond. Over a period of weeks the pond will go through the nitrogen cycle. The first issue to be aware of is a potential rise in nitrates (NO2), if this happens, stop feeding and do a partial water change.

Rising NO2 levels are toxic to aquatic life. Causing fish to become sedentary and lethargic ultimately killing your prized koi pond. The bacteria additive will turn the NO2 into NO3, which are far less harmful to fish, and extremely beneficial to aquatic plant life.  A single cell algae will bloom as green pea soup. At this point the pond is becoming balanced, and adding an algaecide or bacteria will help balance the water in your pond.

The best advice anyone could give regarding your pond water chemistry and about the nitrogen cycle is arm yourself with a water test kit so you are fully aware of what your pond water is doing. Proper cleaning, testing and maintenance will keep your water garden pond water within range to eliminate water problems.

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