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Get Your Pond Ready For Fall PondH2o, 3600 Gallon Kit

Get Your Pond Ready For Fall


With the passing of the seasons your pond transitions throughout, blooming pond plants and active fish in the summer and warmer months need tidying up and its time to get your pond ready for fall.

As air temperatures begin to drop, so do pond water temperatures. During this temperature change, the needs of pond fish are altering as well. It is very important to protect the fish from their changing surroundings including falling debris, pine needles and decaying leaves. Protect your water garden ponds with quality pond cover nets.

In most parts of the United States it‚Äôs best to leave fish in the pond during the winter, providing the depth of the pond is adequate (18ňĚ or deeper) and there is little or no water circulation.¬†

To get your pond ready for the fall perform these simple easy tasks:

  1.  Cut back all pond plants that are starting die off, this will help stop the plants material decaying in the pond. Our pond maintenance pack is perfect.
  2.  Add a bacteria like Spring & Fall to help break down sludge and other debris and adds beneficial bacteria.
  3.  Place a protection pond cover netting across the pond to stop leaves from entering the pond.
  4.  Depending on where you are located you may need to stop the pump and filter if fitted. If so, take the pump out of the pond and blow air through all pipes so any freezing does not cause expanding issues with UV quartz sleeves etc.
  5.  Add a Ice Preventor, can be a electrical pond heater or  a floating device, this stops the pond surface from totally freezing and maintains gas exchange
  6.  Adding a proper pond thermometer so you know when to stop feeding your koi fish when water lowers to 50 degrees.


Pond H20 has all the Pond Supplies you need!

For all ponds, big and small Pond H2o has the supplies you need to make your dream pond come to life! When we say we have all the supplies you need, we mean it, we are a one-stop shop for all that you need. From an all-in-one pond kits to maintenance care and accessories, we have you covered! If you have any questions call us at 856-985-9339 or email us at Our Facebook page for latest news and information.

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