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Green Water & String Algae Issues

Green Water & String Algae Issues

Green Water & String Algae Issues are a subject that is one of the most sought after answers in pond keeping,  to why my pond goes green or is choked in string algae?

Always nearly caused by a imbalance in nutrients in the pond caused by many factors which we will go through and explain each.

If you look at a natural pond or lake it may be crystal clear even without any filtration. The reason is a balanced pond which translates into that all the parameters of nitrite, nitrate and phosphate are inline so not causing an algae bloom, on the other end of the spectrum is a unbalanced pond.

Causes of a Unbalanced Pond, Green Water & String Algae Issues

  • High phosphates in the water, resulting in algae having a rich food source in which to thrive.
  • Overfeeding, if the fish have not eaten the food within 5 minutes you are overfeeding.
  • Too much sunlight, algae need sunlight which is why this problem is worst in the Spring as the water warms up and taps into the nutrients available.
  • Too high Fish Load, having too many fish in the pond causes water quality issues of Nitrite turning into Nitrate linked to food and fish waste.
  • Not Enough Plants,¬†pond plants compete to use up the nutrients just like the single cell algae or string algae so add plants, especially one that will add shade like a floating planter.

How To Fix a Green Pond

Break down the food chain is the best option, get rid of the source to get rid of the problem.   Phosphates and Nitrates are at the end of the nitrogen cycle and are why the algae is thriving. Products are available to break the phosphates down, Pondh2o Green Water Goblins been our best seller, totally harmless to all wildlife including frogs and toads.

How To Fix String Algae Issues

String Algae or Filament Algae is basically the same as single cell algae (greenwater). Best to try and get as much out as possible first using a string algae brush.

Then work on the reason why the string algae or blanketweed got going in the first place. Many different products on the market we recommend our Blanketweed Bio’s totally natural and will break down the food chain of the filament algae.



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