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Finding and Fixing a Pond Water Leak

Finding and Fixing a Pond Water Leak

Finding and fixing a pond water leak can be the worst nightmare for a water garden koi fish pond owner. One day the pond is normal, then the next day the water level as dropped.
Leaks in water garden koi fish ponds can be caused by many different ways, roots pushing through, sharp stones puncturing the liner, had one report of a bear scratching at the liner and ripping it with sharp claws.

So how do you go about finding and fixing a leak in your water garden pond:

  1. Fill the pond back up to the usual level.
  2. Check all fittings, hoses, filters, external pumps, waterfalls, spitter fountains, anything that might be leaking to see if that is the cause.
  3. Wait for the water level to drop and hold that level, this means that below that point is water tight so the leak is on that approximate level, if it carries on and totally drains the pond so leak is on the bottom.
  4. Find the cause and work out if fixable. No point in repairing a leak caused by roots, it will only do it again. If it is fixable good news.
  5. PondH2o sell different types of products that will fix a leaking liner.
  6. All fixing kits will require a clean dry algae free surface so clean the liner.
  7. Patch or infill with adhesive and leave to dry, Some of our gold label products will seal under water to make it even easier.
  8. Refill the pond and wait to see if as worked.

Finding and fixing a Pond Water Leak should not seem overwhelming, by following PondH2o’s simple steps – your pond will be back to normal water levels.

PondH2o Fixing and finding a leak in a pond

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