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Using Aquatic Plastic Plant Baskets

Using Aquatic Plastic Plant Baskets

Slotted Mesh Aquatic Plastic Plant Baskets are ideal for all aquatic plants, allowing water to flow freely through the basket so plants can absorb nutrients from the water. The basket protects the plants roots from damage caused by aquatic life, while keeping the root systems contained. They are designed to rest naturally on the pond’s floor or ledge with flat bottoms, making it an ideal anchor for most aquatic plants.

Using Aquatic Plastic Plant Baskets:

  1. Begin to hydrate your plants in a container of your pond water.
  2. Line the basket with a hessian square or other woven fabric; ensure that the basket is fully covered.
  3. Add a thin layer of pond gravel. Now, fill about half way with pond plant soil. This would be a great time to add aquatic pond plant fertilizer.
  4. Add your plant. Make sure to loosen the root ball. Fill and firm the soil around the roots leaving the crown (where the stems and roots connect) level with the soil line.
  5. Top with additional layer of pond gravel. Finally, rinse with water to remove excess mud and gently lower into pond.

Using pond plant baskets is much easier than planting directly on the water garden pond bottom and marginal shelves.  The plastic plant pots make maintaining the plants, moving and placements effortless, while controls the plants from spreading.

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