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Choosing the Right Pond Net

Choosing the Right Pond Net

Choosing the right pond net can be quite bewildering.  Searching for the right pond net, all different sizes, shapes, pricing and often a not so perfect purchase takes place.  Pond H2o has the most comprehensive range of water garden koi fish pond nets in the USA! So, you are at a good place to choose exactly the proper pond net and stop a misinformed purchase.

First decision to be made is what do you want to use the net for? Large to medium sized ponds and small ponds will require different pond nets. To help make the decision of what type net to use, here is a guide to use:

  • Catch fish
  • Clean the pond
  • Retrieve leaves & debris
  • Clean pond bottom
  • Expensive koi nets

Water Garden Koi Fish Pond nets can really be broken into 4 categories

Pond Nets Use

Choosing the Right Pond Net
General pond net or multi-purpose pond nets are used to catch fish, retrieve items and general use, these have a slightly open mesh and can vary in length head size or pricing. Our multi-purpose pond nets are ideal for removing fish or debris from the pond.  Soft netting that wont damage the pond or the fish. Our multi-purpose pond nets are ideal for removing fish or debris from the pond and are easy to keep clean.

Koi Pan Nets Use

Choosing the Right Pond Net

Koi Pan nets are very shallow nets hence the word pan is used. These are not intended to catch fish outright but to guide them into a bowl or koi transport sock to be retrieved. Usually used in koi ponds and are a specialist net for mainly expensive koi and not intended for general use.

Sludge Nets Use 

Choosing the Right Sludge Muck Pond Net
Sludge nets have very fine mesh and made strong to allow for heavy sludge or pond muck, to be retrieved from the bottom of the pond. Pond h2o sludge nets also have a front protector to help stop the front of the net on the bottom of the pond getting damaged. Used while doing general maintenance on your water garden pond.

Skimmer Nets Use


Skimmer nets usually have very fine netting and are typically quite shallow in depth to allow easy use.¬† They are designed for skimming or removing leaves, pine needles and other debris from water garden ponds and other water features.¬† Here at Pondh2o, we’ve developed this Light N Easy Skimmer Net with Telescopic 70 Inch Pole, pond skimming net with¬†ergonomically friendly golf club design.¬† The net head is on an angle making for ease when skimming across the surface of the pond water.¬† Carefully retrieving unwanted water garden pond debris that may cloud your water. Pond Skimming net is usually light and allows for removal of debris, significantly cutting down on pond maintenance.

Specialist Use Nets

choosing the right pond net

Floating Net Basket 24'' x 24'' x 24'' For Breeding or Quarantine net

Specialist use nets cover items like koi transport socks and floating net baskets that will quarantine or isolate fish.

Choosing the right pond net does not have to be overwhelming.  You just need to take some things into consideration and make the decision based on the task needed.  Pond H2o is here to help!

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