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How to build a Pond

How To Build a Pond That Will Stun Your Friends

Nothing says showstopper like a pond. In design shows and home listings, water features are always spotlighted as a major attraction for any home.

When you have guests over for dinner and family visiting for the holidays, they’re sure to notice your lovely new addition. And the feeling of pride only gets deeper when you share with them that you built it yourself.

A custom-made garden pond can be just the project you need to test your home improvement capabilities. Below we will help you determine  how to build a pond of your own, and dealing with the many decisions that will come up.

How to Build a Pond

Find The Perfect Spot

Determining where you want your pond to live is the first major step in getting your project underway. It’s best to start with relatively flat and level ground that is also close enough to an electrical source for the equipment to be powered. However a solar pond pump is an option for those wanting to save energy.

Another thing to keep in mind is the amount of sunlight your pond will receive. Not only will the sun shining across the surface of the water look better, but plants that will end up there will thank you later. It’s also best not to have a tree hanging over your pond as falling debris can get your pond dirty and clog the pond filter.

Once all the planning is done, you can move on to the heavy lifting.

Water garden koi pond cover netting pond protection

Start Digging And Fill It Up

There is going to have to be a bit of consideration before you just start ripping dirt out of the ground. As you prepare for breaking ground you should decide on the size, depth, and volume of the pond. These will be important determinations for how much you dig and what kind of equipment you will need later. 

The bigger you go, the more money will be needed for its overall construction and maintenance. Remember also to keep in mind where underground pipes may be in your backyard when going about this part of the process.

Once you have your hole dug up, you need to pick a pond liner and fill with water.

Set Up The Equipment

Now comes the “complicated” part. Depending on the type of pond you decide to make there can be several types of equipment needed for it to be set-up.

Any pond that you plan on maintaining will need at least a pond pump to keep the water moving and a pond filter for the water to move through and rid itself of contaminants that can ruin the look and health of the pond.

If you want, this is the best time to add any extra features like a pond fountain or waterfall. If you plan on having fish more equipment will be needed to ensure they have a healthy environment like a pond aerator or airstone for oxygenating the water. Now would also be a good time to situate and set-up any lighting you want to have for the pond.

Give It Life

Now that the base work is done and all the equipment is set-up, you can finally do the decorative work that will make your pond look beautiful. Adding plant life and vegetation that are appropriate for the amount of sunlight your pond receives will instantly bring color to the project.

For those adding fish, make sure you take the necessary measures to prepare the health of the pond, like temperature and pH balance, for the fish to be introduced. Many fish also require time to acclimate, this can mean letting it remain in its bag of water floating in the pond while the temperature becomes the same as the pond.

Finally, after all your work, your pond is ready for the world to see.

Remember To Maintain your Pond

After the pond has been completed it’s important to keep up with the routine maintenance that is needed. Skim the pond to clean out leaves and debris that make their way in, check the pump to make sure it’s running, and replace the filter when needed. Also make sure to keep and plants properly watered and to spray down any decorative pieces with the hose to keep them clean.

The fish owners will have some extra steps to keep up with. Feeding is the obvious chore that will need to be done, but routinely checking the pH balance and maintaining all fish related pond supplies is important to keep them healthy.

Solar Powered Pond light

Enjoy Your Brand New Pond

All your hard work has finally paid off because now you get to enjoy the ambiances and serenity of your custom built water feature. Pull up a hammock, a chair, or whatever lounge seating you prefer and listen to the gentle water ripples as you sit back and relax with a drink and a book.

Your pond will also be sure to be the envy of all your family and friends and quite the talking point at every get together.

Pond H2O Has All The Equipment You Need!

For all ponds, big and small Pond H2o has the supplies you need to make your dream water feature come to life! When we say we have all the supplies you need, we mean it, we are a one-stop shop for all that you need. From maintenance to fish care and lighting, including how to build a pond, we have you covered! If you have any questions call us at 856-985-9339 or email us at

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