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Protect Your Pond Fish in Hot Weather

How To Protect Your Pond Fish in Hot Weather

Keeping Fish Safe and Healthy in Warmer Months

Depending on where you are located, at some point in the calendar year you will experience high temperatures, sometimes for a few days or a few months or even all year.
Here at PondH2o we have developed helpful tips to help you protect your pond fish in hot weather combat hot weather and the heat directly effecting your pond.

The hot weather can also cause problems for pond owners due to a phenomenon known as summer fish kill.  During hot weather water is capable of holding less dissolved oxygen than at cooler temperatures, and if there are large numbers of fish, organic wastes or aquatic plants in the pond the oxygen levels can plummet to dangerous levels with mainly larger fish being affected.

Top Seven Tips to Protect Your Pond Fish in Hot Weather:

  1. Keep water oxygenated, the most important, higher water temperatures suck the oxygen out of the water, why often in hot weather you see fish on the surface, this is because the oxygen levels are the highest on the surface.
  2. Don’t overfeed your fish, this adds stress to the pond fish and any uneaten food will rot down quickly causing water quality issues.
  3. Watch water levels. Evaporation is higher of course and a smaller volume of water will rise in temperature quicker. Remember if adding water to also use a dechlorinator if city water, again chlorine can inflame the gills and add to the stress.
  4. Provide shade, and a tarpaulin or large umbrella to help protect the pond from direct sunlight. Floating Planting Baskets work great.
  5. Make sure your pond is at least 2 feet deep.  This will help the fish by allowing them to keep out of direct sunlight and stay in the cooler parts of the pond.  Also, the more gallons a pond has enables you to control the temperature of the water.
  6. Use biological filters and skimmers, keep the water as clean and fish safe as possible, helps fish health and keeps stress down.
  7. Control algae, sucks the life out of the pond and then the fish.


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For all ponds, big and small Pond H2o has the supplies you need to make your dream water feature come to life! When we say we have all the supplies you need, we mean it, we are a one-stop shop for all that you need. From an all-in-one pond kits to maintenance care and accessories, we have you covered! If you have any questions call us at 856-985-9339 or email us at  Check out our Facebook page for latest news and information.

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