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String Algae pond filtration parts

What Causes String Algae?

String Algae, Carpet Algae, Blanketweed, Pond Scum the many different manners of the dreaded green bloom. Filamentous Algae is its true name as defined by Clemson EDU, Cladophora Glomerata (String Algae) is a common one. These algae form as thread-like structures that can be floating or attached to submerged items such as the pond walls or aquatic plants.

What causes Spring Algae?

Many different factors come into play, but these algae’s need food and this is usually the driver.  Often it can be seen at the start of the season, mainly due to the algae is faster out of the block, while slower marginals and lilies wake up and start to use up the nutrients in the pond ie phosphates and nitrates , the algae is off, growing rapidly.  Warming water and increasing sun levels also help string algae flourish.

How do I stop It?

Uv Lights do not work well against these Filamentous Algae’s, as the cells are not going through the quartz sleeve like single cell algae would.

Here are our top 5 tips to combat string algae:

  1. Easiest way is to break down the food chain by binding phosphates and other means to take away the food source. There are many different products on the pond market to do this.
  2. Physically removing the algae using a string algae brush.
  3. Plant more marginals and lilies to use up the excess nutrients; check out our plant baskets.
  4. Cut back on the fish food and this adds nutrients to the ponds. Use a Pond Feeder.
  5. Test the water for phosphates. Add Pond Treatments as needed.
  6. Pond tinting the water can also help to stop sunlight getting to the algae.


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