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How to Repot Pond Plants

How to Repot Pond Plants

Spring is the ideal time to for the water garden pond keeper to repot pond plants into slightly larger pots or baskets, renewing the pond soil and giving the roots space to grow. The water at the edge of your pond will be warming up with the increased sun levels as the days get longer and your pond plants will be starting to come into growth.

Choose a slightly larger pond basket for your plant and make sure your planting shelf is deep enough for the new basket.
Pondh2o have a great range of baskets for every type of need.

How to repot pond Plants


Step One

Knock the plant out of the old basket. You may need to cut it out if the roots have worked through the mesh. It won’t harm the plant if you prune the roots free.

Step Two

Cut out dead or damaged material and remove weeds or duckweed from around the plant. Pull the roots out a bit if they are tightly packed into the the shape of the old basket.

Step Three

Use a hessian liner and fresh pond specific soil with the new pond basket.  Place the plant in the basket and firmly press the aquatic soil around the root till the pot is 75% full.
Using soil suitable for planting aquatic plants ideally should be a medium to heavy loam. Garden soil can be used if it is free from fertilizer and herbicides. Otherwise, a proprietary aquatic compost should be ideally used.

Step Four

Add a layer of pond gravel on the top to stop the soil leaching into your pond and the fish digging in the soil.

How to Repot Pond Plants

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