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24″ Diameter Koi Fish Bowl


• Size is 24 Inch diameter x 10 Inch Deep
• Blue Inspection Bowl
• Strong Plastic Construction
• Easy to Use

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Koi Fish viewing Bowl 24 Inch diameter.  The koi fish viewing bowl has an average thickness of 6mm and is molded in one piece from a non brittle polypropylene (strong plastic) with smooth inside which makes them extremely rugged and suitable for use in a variety of pond fish needs.  Making the bowls very useful for water garden pond fish handling jobs. The bowls are also suitable and often used as fish stock tanks / medication tanks / holding tanks.

24″ Diameter Koi Bowl, Pond Koi Inspection Bowl, Multi use Large Plastic Tub

We carry a full range of pond fish inspection items



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Weight 10 lbs


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