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Information Center

Water Garden Pond tips and advice along with special offers and new products we have here at PondH2o, check out our Information Center.


Helpful Summer tips for Water Garden Koi Fish Pond Owners

SUMMER TIPS FOR POND OWNERS Now that summer is finally here there are some Helpful Summer tips for Water Garden Koi Fish Pond Owners.  The... Read More...
Winterize Your Pond

Best Ways To Winterize Your Pond

Winter signals the end of pond year and can often be the most challenging season for the pond keeper.  Water freezes cutting off gas exchange... Read More...
New Pond Syndrome

What Is New Pond Syndrome

New Pond Syndrome is just the title used for when a pond is first put in place and goes through the maturing cycle or more... Read More...
Green Water & String Algae Issues

Green Water & String Algae Issues

Green Water & String Algae Issues are a subject that is one of the most sought after answers in pond keeping,  to why my pond... Read More...
Protecting Against Herons

Protecting Against Herons

The Great Blue Heron (Ardea herodias) is a majestic bird with its long wingspan and bright colors in the wild but a major issue in... Read More...
Get Your Pond Ready For Fall pond cover nets pond covers netting

Get Your Pond Ready For Fall

With the passing of the seasons your pond transitions throughout, blooming pond plants and active fish in the summer and warmer months need tidying up... Read More...
How to Dig a Pond

Pond Decoration & Maintenance Tips

Maintaining your pond can be an enjoyable part of pond management. A small investment in the right tools will help to simplify your efforts, while... Read More...
Fish Care Aids

Pond Plants & Fish

Adding Pond Plants & Fish to a pond can be an exciting experience for the pond keeper, but needs to be carefully managed not to... Read More...
Pond Water Chemistry

Pond Water Chemistry

Knowing about your water garden pond water chemistry is essential to a Happy & Healthy pond. When you initially setup your pond and fill with... Read More...
Installing Pond Liner

Installing Pond Liner

INSTALLING POND LINER Cover the bottom of your pond with 1" (2.5cm) of soft sand to protect the liner from sharp stones. If not too... Read More...
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