Filter Pond Pumps

All pond water gardens, whether plants-only or stocked, benefits by some form of water circulation system to stay clean, healthy, and algae free.  Filter Pond Pumps are motorized devices used to clean and circulate the water in a pool or pond. A motor turns an impeller inside the pump, creating a vacuum that draws water into it. First, the water passes through a strainer basket that removes large debris such as leaves and twigs. Then, it goes through a filter, where smaller particles are screened out. Finally, the clean water is returned to the pond or pool via an outlet pipe.

There are two types of Pond Filter Pumps, Centrifugal: These pumps sit outside the pond. They must be hidden and are somewhat difficult to plumb. Also, most don’t come with power cords and need to be hard wired directly to the power source. Submersible: Made for the do-it-yourselfer. It is very easy to hook them up to your waterfall or fountain plumbing. Submersible Filter Pond Pumps are also easy to conceal. They sit inside the pond (under the water surface) usually at the bottom of the pond.  Many people who keep ornamental  koi fish ponds prefer submersible pumps, because they can be hidden out of view under the water. Experts recommend submersible pumps only for ponds of less than 1,000 gallons. For larger ponds, experts recommend external pumps, which are easier to access for cleaning and can still be hidden from view behind landscaping.  If the pump will be chosen to circulate pond water only, then choose a pump that circulates the pond volume at least once per hour.

Calculate pond volume using the following equation: length x width x depth x 7.5 = gallons.

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