Pond Nets

Pond nets are essential for maintenance in your pond for removing debris floating in the water, such as leaves and uneaten fish food.  Also, pond nets are a must have for all pond keepers to enable fish to be caught for inspection or to be moved to another pond.

Pondh2o manufacture and supply nets and netting to retailers and consumers worldwide. Check out our vast range of pond nets.

The proper net for koi is a very important investment for now and years to come.  Every koi net however, is not used to “catch” your fish.  Skimmer Nets are used to herd the fish to the surface.  A sock net is used to remove move fish from the main net to either a bowl or rectangular tank.  This is essential for either medicating or taking pictures. Then, the sock net would be used again to move the fish, if necessary, to a tank or replace back into the pond.

We sell collapsible skimmer and fish catching nets, socks, heavy duty pond net combos, nets specifically designed for children, some with telescopic extending poles.  We take great pride in the quality and value of our products.

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