Heavy Duty Pond Hose

Flexible Heavy Duty Pond Hose is the pond hose, pond tubing of choice for pond professionals and the hobbyist that is tired of leaky pond hose or pond hose that deteriorates in sunlight. Flexible Heavy-Duty pond pvc is just like it’s hard pipe counterpart only it’s a flexible hose. Flexible Ribbed Pond Hose is a strong and very flexible Pond Hose. This black garden pond hose is well disguised in your garden fish pond as it blends in well with your pond liner.

This flexible pond hose is easily hidden by burying in your earth or hidden between rocks when used to supply water to your waterfall. Our top quality Heavy Duty Pond Ribbed Hose is perfect for attaching to various types of pond equipment, pond skimmers, pond waterfall bio-filters, professional grade koi pond filters, and pond pumps, or any appliance that needs hosing with the corresponding dimensions. Comes in 1 ½, 1 ¼, and 1 inch.

Suitable for many applications such including pond pipework, irrigation, marine use.

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