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Pond Feature Solar Pump, Tubing, & Filter Combo, NO ELECTRICITY REQUIRED


One (1) – Solar Fountain Pump 210GPH w/battery back-up and LED lights

One (1) – 16′ (5m) Black Anti Kink Koi Pond Filter Ribbed Hose 3/4th Inch (20mm) w/Clamps

One (1) – Pondxpert Solar Powered Eco Box 4000 Pond Filter

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Water Garden Pond Solar Powered Fountain or Feature Pump with Battery Back up and LED, Hose and Filter Combo Pack.  PondH2o has paired this Water Garden Pond Feature Solar Pump, Hosing & Filter Combo Pack to complete your pond or water feature with a Solar Fountain, Filter and the proper pond hose/tubing.

Combo Pack Includes:

One (1) – Solar Fountain Pump 210GPH w/battery back-up and LED lights. This solar pump is feature-packed and would prove a welcome addition to any small water garden pond. It is powered by the sun and creates a fabulous fountain display. In cloudy conditions or if the sun is intermittent any solar power will be directed to power-up the lithium battery inside the unit. This power can be used when you require it as the bright, white LED lights illuminate your fountain automatically at dusk. For best results, place solar panel in direct sunlight

Battery pack can be powered up from the mains if required using a 3-pin adapter (not included).

• Dimensions of solar panel: 8.6 Inch x 7.4 Inch (22cm x 19cm)

• 12v lithium battery that lasts 6-8 hour LED lighting Illumination – auto on at dusk.

• Power cable length: 16 Foot (5m)

• Maximum flow: 210 Gallons per Hour (800 LPH)

• Fountain Height: 6.5 Foot (2m)

• Solar panel power: 9 watt, White LED Lights

One (1) – Pondxpert Solar Powered Eco Box 4000 Pond Filter. Bargain box pond filter for ponds up to 660 Gallons (3000 Liters). This 3000 unit comes without the integrated UV, opening it up as an option for pond enthusiasts without an outdoor electricity supply. Dimensions 14 Inch L x 9 Inch W x 13 Inch H (37 x 24 x 34 cm). Effective Filtration for water garden Pond Volume up to 660 Gallons (3000 Liters)

• Dimensions 14 Inch L x 9 Inch W x 13 Inch H (37 x 24 x 34 cm)

• Includes Mechanical Filter Media and Biological Filter Media

• Inlet Size – 1 Inch to 1 1/2 Inch (25-40 mm)

One (1) – 16′ (5m) Black Anti Kink Koi Pond Filter Ribbed Hose 3/4th Inch (20mm) w/Clamps. Pre-Cut 16 foot (5m) length of 3/4″ (20mm) Black Ribbed Hose with clamps to attach it to pump & filter easily. Suitable for all Pond equipment. Standard Metric Ribbed Black Pond Hose. Anti-Kink Tubing provides all the strength and flexibility required in water garden koi fish pond applications. The thick and durable hosing is reinforced with solid concentric ribbing that will not collapse due to the weight of covering materials, gravel or back pressure. The tubing material is made from anti kink technology to be thick yet flexible ensuring minimum water resistance and maximum water flow, even in turns. The black ribbed tube does not encourage the growth of algae and can easily be camouflaged. The tubing is non-toxic and is fish & plant safe. Aquatic Safe! Will fit all Metric applications like Hagen/Tetra/Fishmate/Oase. Please note will not fit American standard fitting items.

• 3/4 inch (20mm) Standard Metric Ribbed Black Pond Hose with 2 hose clamps

• 16 Foot (5 Meters) Length Anti-kink Tubing

• Strong & Flexible UV Stabilized

• Comes with Correct Twin Wire Clamps already attached

• Water Garden, Koi Fish Pond, and Aquatic Plant Safe



PondXpert is the new One-Stop-Shop for all of your pond product requirements.  At PondXpert we have been perfecting our range of water gardening products since 2005.  Over the years we have listened to pondkeepers across the UK to find out what they need.  The result is a comprehensive range of bestselling items.

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