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Pond Filtration Parts

Pondh20 understands the uniqueness of each water garden and providing quality Pond Filtration Parts. After all it is your private relaxation oasis. At some point in your water gardening, you will have a need for pond filtration parts. Whether those needs are at the beginning, middle, or the finished product, Pondh20 offers a large variety of OEM, and high quality generic replacement parts.  As well as brand name products.

How to maintain your pond filter:

  1.  A great place to start with pond filtration is to not over feed your pond fish.
  2. Maintain a good balance between aquatic plants and pond fish.
  3. Choose the correct size pump to properly circulate your water.
  4. Remove biological material from the pond.
  5. Skim any leaves or other debris that falls into the pond.
  6. Rinse your filter material until the water runs clear.
  7. Make sure to replace biological filter materials as required by your specific pond pump filter requirements.
Performing basic maintenance of the filter parts will keep your pond clean and clear for many seasons.
If you don’t see what you are looking for just ask us!

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