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Pond Volume Calculator

Use our free Pond Volume Calculator to work out the exact volume of your pond or water feature. PondH2o’s Pond Volume Calculator is ideal for choosing the right pond pump or pond filter, also great when using water treatments or fish medications.  For any pond treatment, whether it is dye for controlling algae, chemicals to maintain pH balance, herbicides for managing weeds, determining the size of aerator to purchase, or determining how many fish you can stock, requires knowing the volume of water your pond contains.  This information is critical to ensure that your aquatic habitat is healthy and stable.  We found this article from Penn State that explains the importance of knowing the amount of water that is in your pond. 

Click here to try our Pond Liner Calculator

Pond H2o’s free Water Garden Koi Fish Pond Liner Calculator. The calculator will help you work out how much pond liner and underlayment you require.  We have even included some overlap.  Taking all the guesswork out in choosing the right pond liner for your needs.


Read more in our information center for our latest water garden koi fish pond blogs.  Also, check out our FACEBOOK PAGE for coupons and news.

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