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Pond Water Pumps

Installing Pond Water Pumps will bring the pond to life. Pumps move water and keep it from becoming a stagnant pool. Additionally while performing the described functions, the pump also produces sound and animation to enhance the tranquility of the pond and its aquatic life.

Pond Water Pumps are required to pump pond water around the pond, and also to help filter the water by pushing it through the pond filter.

All pond pumps sold at Pondh2o are designed for continuous running and low maintenance with a manufacturers guarantee.

Choose a type and flow output of pond pump by working out your requirements first.

The Head – This is a calculation of how high from the surface of the pond the pump will push the water and at what volume can be expected at any given height.

Outlet Size – This is the fittings the pump comes with so check what hose fittings are on other pond equipment like filters or UVC Units.

Filter Pump – Designed to allow small particles to pass through and handle dirty water with ease.

Fountain Requirements – If you are wanting to add a fountain display buy from the Fountain Pump category.

Solar Pumps – Can be used where no electric is available and great for small daytime water features like barrels.

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