PondH2o Instant Starter Pond 17 Gallon (65L) - Preformed Small Pond

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PondH2o Instant Starter Pond 17 Gallon (65L)


  • Size is 30 Inches (77cm) Long x 27 ½ Inches (70cm) Wide x 11 Inches (28cm) Deep
  • Capacity – 17 US gallons or 65L
  • Strong PVC Construction
  • Easy to Install

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About Pondh2o


PondH2o Instant Starter Pond 17 US gallons or 65L capacity. This small starter pond is easy to install made from preformed rugged plastic. Lightweight design for easy installation. The polyethylene material is durable and ensures that the pond is robust and long lasting, and, uv resistant. PondH2o’s Instant Starter Pond is ideal to have as a small water feature with fountain or used as a wildlife water garden pond. This preformed small pond liner could be used to make a water course with marginal and floating plants. PondH2o Instant Starter Pond is non-toxic, safe for fish & plants (sold separately). Due to its small size not suitable for large amounts of pond fish.

Pondh2o stock a full range of plant care products  https://www.pondh2o.com/plant-care/

As with any digging project check with your local area before starting any project https://call811.com/



PondH2o search the globe for Pond & Water Garden products looking for original items to bring to the pond and water garden consumer in North America. Everything from Pond Pumps and Liners to air pumps and decor.
About Pondh2o

Additional information

Weight 6.1875 lbs
Dimensions 32 × 27 × 12 in


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