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Best Sellers

Discover Pondh2o’s best of our Best Sellers.  Here are our best selling items in one place.  Included are pond and yard decoys, pond liners, heavy duty pond nets, kits, filter brushes and more.

Pond H2o stock a vast range of water garden koi fish pond Best Sellers products from manufacturers all over the world. This is our selection of Best sellers in one area for unique and exclusive items shipped direct to your door. 

Based on customer feedback and sales we have selected our best sellers for all of our water garden koi fish pond products.  Hopefully, your product is here, if not, let us know.

Our warehouse is located in Connecticut and we ship same day on orders received prior to our Eastern Standard Time zone cut off.

We offer great pricing on all of your aquatic needs with exceptional customer service.

Showing 1–16 of 17 results

  • Pond H2o Pond Filtration

    18″ x 24″ Filter Media Bag with Drawstring

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  • Filter Brush 16" X 4" 3 pack

    Black Knight Filter Brush 16″ X 4″, 3 pack

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  • PondH2o Quality Pond Liner

    Deluxe Pond Liner 14’7″ x 19’6 (4.5m x 6m)

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  • Floating Alligator Head Decoy

    Floating Alligator Head Decoy

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  • heron decoy

    Great Blue Heron Decoy

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  • heavy duty koi fish pancake net

    Heavy Duty Koi Fish Pan Net 30” Diameter with Telescopic Pole

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  • Heavy Duty Pond Nets

    Heavy Duty Pond Net Combo Pack

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  • koi spawning brushes

    Koi Spawning Brushes (pack of two)

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  • Our Pond Liner Leak Repair Kit is designed to patch and repair a small leak in your pond or water garden. FISH AND PLANT SAFE

    Pond Liner Leak Repair Kit

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  • PondH2o Pond Plant Basket Kits & Aquatic Plant Products

    Pond Plant Basket Kit, Medium

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  • Artificial Pond Plants

    Pondh2o Artificial Pond Plant 39 Inches Tall

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  • PondH2o Pond Plant basket Value Pack

    Pondh2o Long Arm Pond Gloves

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  • The Pondh2o Pond Filter 10000 Gallon Pond is designed to give the optimum conditions for your fish and plants to thrive. 10,000 pond or less 

    PondH2o Pressurized Pond Filter For 10,000 Gallon Koi Fish Pond

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  • Solar Lights RGB

    PondXpert Solar Lights RGB, Set of 3

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  • Solar Powered Floating Water Lily Pad with Lotus Flowers with LED Light Night Lamp for Pond, Garden, Perfect for Patio Koi Pond Pool Aquarium Home Garden Wedding Party Decoration

    Solar Powered Floating Lily Small

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  • PondH2o Pond Plant Value Pack

    Ultimate Floating Pond Planter Kit Large Pond Size

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