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String Algae Treatments

String algae pond treatments may be required for your pond. String algae is the scourge of pond keepers, either single cell or filament algae types.

String algae is algae that hangs from rocks or walls and attaches to plants or simply hangs on the surface of the water.  String algae can be brought in by water plants so pull off any stringy algae you see on new plants before introducing them into your pond. String algae is not known for directly creating health problems for fish but cause problems with water clarity and appearance of the pond.

String Algae Pond Treatments consist of physically removing the string algae, ascertain how the algae is getting into the pond and finally treating the water to kill the remaining algae.  There are two basic ways to treat the water, chemical alteration, algaecide or natural bacteria enzymes.

Stockists of all types of pond treatments for green water to help maintain a clear and healthy pond.

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  • Greenwater Pond Treatment

    Green water Goblins Pond Treatment, Algae Treatment

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  • PondH2o Quality Pond Water Products

    Iku Koi Kichi Barley Extract, 8oz 237ml

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  • String Algae Pond Water Treatment PondH2o pond water treatments

    String Algae Pond Water Treatment, Totally Natural

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