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Pond Decoys

Pondh2o stock a comprehensive range of pond protection decoys and items to deter unwanted pond visitors like Herons and Canadian Geese.

Pond protection decoys can be broken into three categories to choose what you feel will be most effective for your pond, but remember none of the items are totally effective 100% effective.  Also, check out our Information Center for our articles on Heron Protection.

Barrier Products

These are mainly Pond Netting type pond products and we stock all types sizes and price ranges from suppliers all over the world. Most come with fixing stakes as well. Usually the most effective pond protection but netting can look unsightly.

The Velda Heron Stop is a great simple product as herons do not like to climb over barriers so is a simple unobtrusive pond barrier system and the bells create a noise deterrent.

Natural Decoys

The most common and widely used is the Blue Heron Decoy, as Herons are generally the biggest natural problem, with ponds generally been clear filtered pond water with brightly colored goldfish and koi is no wonder why they can be treated like the local sushi restaurant. Heron decoys are more effective if moved around the pond every 3-4 days and removed in the Spring mating season.

Herons are solitary creatures and prefer to feed alone so the idea is they see a heron from above already at the pond and carry on to another place to feed.

All decoys work better when part of a bigger strategy with other items like a barrier system or other decoys like the Alligator Head, Hawk or Owl.

Pond Distractions

Distraction items like the Velda Stop Spinner or the Velda Heron Stop Reflector cause reflecting light, movement and sound to distract and scare the pond intruder away.

Canadian Geese Issues

Pondh2o stock two sizes of White Mute Swan decoys, a simple floating deterrent that geese will avoid.

PondH2o tips

Some useful tips to help protect your pond.

  • Have plenty of surface cover the koi fish can hide under like lily pads or floating pond plant baskets.
  • Herons like to land and walk up to the pond so place natural barriers like small bushes or picket fences.
  • Use motion activated outside lights that cover the pond to come on at dawn and dusk.
  • Try changing locations of your decoys.

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    Croc Float n Pond Protect, Floating Decoy

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    Floating Alligator Head Decoy

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  • Floating Duckling Pond Decoys Duckling decoy

    Floating Duckling Pond Decoys, 3 Pack

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  • Floating Mallard Duck Decoy Pair

    Floating Mallard Duck Decoy Family Pack

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  • Floating Mallard Decoy Pair, PondH2o Quality Heavy Duty Pond decoy Products

    Floating Mallard Duck Decoy Pair

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  • Floating Swan Decoy

    Floating Swan Decoy

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  • Floating White Swan Decoy Set

    Floating White Swan Decoy Set

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    Full Size Floating White Mute Swan Decoys, 2 Pack

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  • blue heron decoy_PONDH2o

    Great Blue Heron Decoy Statue

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  • Hawk Decoy

    Hawk Decoy for Fish Ponds & Back Yards

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  • Heron Pond Protection

    Heron Pond Protection Kit

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  • Large Lake Swan Decoy Set, PondH2o Pond Fish Protection Kits & Pond Decoy Products

    Large Lake Swan Decoy Set

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  • Owl Decoy For Fish Ponds

    Owl Decoy For Fish Ponds

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  • Pink Flamingo Pond Decoy

    Pink Flamingo Pond Decoy

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  • PondH2o Koi Fish Pond Decoys

    PondH2o Koi Fish Pond Decoys Floating Alligator Head & Great Blue Heron Decoy

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  • Full Size Floating Polyresin Mute Swan Decoy

    PondXpert Floating White Swan Large Decoy

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