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4 Inch Koi Drain

Utilizing 4 Inch Koi Drain is not such a mystery anymore… There are two main filtration options with your pond. Pump fed and Gravity fed systems.

A gravity fed system utilizing a 4 Inch Koi Drain is preferred with a larger pond and needs to be built into your pond in the beginning.  This method is preferred to reduce overall maintenance. The idea of the bottom drain is that it uses gravity feed to draw water and mulm (the proper term for pond dust) to the filter system.  Pond bottom drains do not pull solids off the bottom, they are designed to remove organics from the pond and create a unique dynamic in the pond’s circulation system.  Ponds rely on beneficial bacteria colonies to breakdown fish waste, and other organics such as leaves, pine needles, pollen, dust and all other forms of water logged debris that typically settles to the bottom of a pond.  Determining what size pond bottom drain is best for your pond for optimal flow rates and proper use of aeration complements a pond drains ability to function properly.

Most ponds will require 3″ or 4″ bottom drain.  3″ bottom drains should optimally have a max flow rate of approximately 1800 gallons per hour and will service an 8′ diameter pond bottom nicely. 4″ Gravity Flow Bottom Drains should optimally have a max flow rate of approximately 3600 gallons per hour and will service a 10′ diameter pond bottom nicely.

Read more in our information center on pond water chemistry to ensure that your pond hose lasts here!

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  • Sump Bottom Drain

    Sump Bottom Drain For Koi Ponds 4 Inch

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