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5 inch pond bubbler stone

Aeration is a important part of aquatic aquarium or water garden koi fish pond care, maintaining oxygen levels and helping fish stock levels, 5 inch pond bubbler stone allow oxygen to get to the roots of the plants.  By adding a ball airstone you improve water quality and circulation in your water garden koi fish pond.

Aeration stones are called air stones, discs, bubblers or diffusers, 5 inch pond bubbler stone and come in many shapes, sizes, colors and coarseness levels.  Usually made of lime-wood or a porous stone its main purpose is to gradually diffuse micro air bubbles through your water with the help of a pond pump and tubing. They do not clog and give a better distribution of air with finer bubbles than other types of aeration systems.  Spherical and cylindrical shaped ceramic heavy pond airstone are also available in a range of sizes.  Sintered or regular ball airstones are very durable and extremely easy to clean.  They are safe for all types of lakes, ponds, fresh water aquariums, salt water or marine fish tanks.

In winter ensure that airstones in the pond are positioned at least 12 inches above the pond’s base, so that the denser, warmer water isn’t disturbed and cooled. They can help prevent the water from freezing.

Pondh2o stock a vast range of aeration stones suitable for all types of  aquatic applications.

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  • Aeration Stones 2 Inch Ball Pond Airstone

    2″ Ball Pond Airstone

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  • Plate Airstone Pondh2o Pond Air Stone Aeration Products

    5″ Plate Airstone, Disc Type Pond Air Stone

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