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Benching Tank Vat

A benching tank vat is designed to make easy light work of transferring pet fish and aquatic life, viewing, housing or to quarantine sick koi fish or any other aquatic life. The modular design means they can be erected and dismantled quickly for fast, smooth installation and storage.

A PondH2o Temporary Koi Storage tank or benching tank vat can be used for a long or short term solution or as a permanently used structure. Easy to install and excellent quality and UV resistant.

The benching tank also sometimes come complete with a mesh cover tailor made to fit the units. The Black Mesh Netting Cover will prevent your fish from jumping out of the tank. Cover keeps fish secure, provides shade and keeps out predators such as Herons, Cats and Foxes.

Other options available KOI VATS & TANKS.

Read more in our information center on help getting rid of green water and string bloom algae here!

As always, remember to check our Facebook page for coupons and news.

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  • Koi Carp Fish Measuring Tank

    Koi Carp Fish Measuring Tank

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  • Quarantine Sick Fish

    Koi Fish Tank Vat w/Black Net Cover, 6.5FTx2.6FT (200cmx80cm)

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  • Temporary Koi Storage

    Koi Fish Tank Vat with Black Net Cover, 3FTx2FT (100x60cm), Temporary Koi Storage

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  • PondH2o Quality Koi Fish Pond Products

    Koi Vat Fish Tank Rectangle w/Zipper Top Cover, 2.5FTx2FTx2FT (82x61x61cm)

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  • Koi Fish Tank Vats or Koi Show Display Tank

    Koi Vat Fish Tank Rectangle w/Zipper Top Cover, 4FTx3FTx2FT (120x100x70cm), Koi Show Display Tank

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  • PondH2o Koi Fish Tank Vat

    PondH2o Koi Fish Tank Vat w/Black Net Cover, 4.9FTx3.2FTx2.2FT (150cmx100cmx70cm)

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  • Koi vat with filter

    Temporary 6.5 Foot Pond w/ Filter Pump, Tank Vat (2M x1M) w/Mesh Net Cover

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