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Medium Pond Planting Kit

Pondh2o’s Medium Pond Planting Kit is designed to add aquatic plants, vibrant colors and life to your koi fish pond or water garden.  Ideal for ponds with no shelves or ledges.  Planting kits are a great way to introduce different types of plants in to your pond, regardless its depth. 

The our floating baskets can float on the surface and some can be interlinked.  More importantly, confine the plant roots, preventing your fish from eating the plants root system.  Plants are known to add oxygen and beneficial bacteria into your water garden.

Pondh2o source many different sizes, styles and fabrics of aquatic plant products and combined our great range of products into Medium Pond Planting Kit to meet your needs.  Create a pond island to add personality and style to your pond or water garden.

Make sure to protect your hands and arms with our full arm pond gloves.

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  • Sale! Pond Plant Basket Kit

    Pond Plant Basket Kit, Medium

    Original price was: $30.95.Current price is: $25.95.
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  • PondH2o Pond Plant Basket Kits & Aquatic Plant Products

    Velda 10” Square Fabric Aquatic Fabric Plant Basket

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  • Floating Plant Oasis

    Velda Floating Pond Plant Oasis

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