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Pond Aeration

Water garden pond aeration systems requirements are to induce circulation and add oxygen throughout the water, helping to mitigate the damage caused by excessive nutrient loading.  The key to proper aerating is to introduce oxygen to the entire pond, including the floor of the pond. Water Garden aeration starts with knowing depth and width of your pond. Deciding the right direction to go with aeration is always confusing for pond owners.  You need to decide between surface aeration and subsurface aeration.

There are techniques and technologies for both approaches

  • Surface aeration and subsurface aeration. Surface aeration systems include, low speed surface aerators, waterfalls, fountains and floating surface aerators. Floating fountain aerators are visually pleasing additions to any water body that offer localized aeration and work great for shallow symmetrically shaped lakes and ponds. Also, aerates the surface of the water.
  • Subsurface aeration includes jet aeration, coarse bubble aeration and fine bubble aeration using airstones. Submersed aeration systems release oxygen directly into the water column at precise locations and work extremely well for circulating large areas of water and increasing oxygen levels in deeper ponds.

Pond water aerating includes air tubing, air stones, bubblers, and difussers.  We have designed complete aeration kits for any sized pond.

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  • Silicone Air hose

    200′ Clear Air Hose For Pond Air Pumps

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  • 4” (100mm) Diameter Sintered Airstone Disc

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  • Hakko 100L Pond Air Pump

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  • High Output Pond Airstone

    High Output Pond Airstone, 5 Inch Long

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  • Pondh2o Pond Tube

    Standard Metric Ribbed Black Pond Hose 1 Inch (25mm) 98 Foot (30m) Roll

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