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Pvc Garden Pond Liner

Our pvc garden pond pond liner is an affordable water garden koi fish pond liner designed to be an easy installation and economical.  If you are looking for top quality water garden liners you have come to the right place.  PondH2o stocks the most complete range of pvc garden pond liner for all applications and budgets anywhere online!   A successful water garden pond that will last for years starts with quality Pond-Liner underlayment.  You will find that here!  PVC pond Liner is tough, flexible, easy to install and carry a 25 year guarantee, provided installed with quality underlay! They are highly resistant to UV, frost and root penetration. Pondh20 also carry a full range of EPDM and LDPE liners, all fish safe and guaranteed.

In the event that your liner has a leak and you need to make a repair Pondh2o carries pond patches, pondliner leak Repair kits, sealants and adhesives.  Most do not require your water garden to be drained!

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  • Basic Pond Liner Underlay

    Basic Pond Liner Underlay 6’6″ x 16’4″ (2mx5m)

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  • Basic Underlay 6'6" x 26'2" (2mx8m)

    Basic Pond Liner Underlay 6’6″ x 26’2″ (2mx8m)

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  • PVC Garden pond liner, the most flexible and widely used pond liner because they are easy to install and maintain. Ships Fast from the USA.

    PVC Garden Pond Liner, .050 Mil

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