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skimmer pond net

Heavy Duty Pond Sludge Skimmer Pond Net.  Part of The Pondh2o Heavy Duty Range of Pond Nets is our Heavy Duty Pond Sludge Net. Designed for contractors or heavy users.  Built to last when a standard pond net is just not up to the pond job.  Strong telescopic pole extends to 9′ 8” , when closed is 3′ 7”.  The easy one click attachment system makes it easy to assemble the pond net head to the net pole.

Made from lightweight aluminum and powder coated in attractive blue.

All the usual weak points in koi and pond nets have been covered with fabric protection to the net ring part and front bumper protectors on the sludge and fish catch Net. Strong Y Connector parts, a typical failure point on cheap pond nets.  Specifications of each attachment are below.

Sludge/ Pond Skimmer Net

16” x 18” Fine rubberized mesh. 10 Inch deep pan and front protector.

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