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Water garden filter brush

Water garden filter brush are usually used as a mechanical filter, placed before the biological stages in a pond filtration system.  Filter brushes are very good at filtering out solids such as leaves, fish waste and string algae. Over time, brushes can become biological if care is taken when cleaning them. If rinsed with pond water every once in a while to keep the heavy solids off, beneficial bacteria will colonize on the polypropylene bristles, helping to clean the water on a biological level, although not enough to classify brushes as a dedicated biological filter.

Water garden filter brush consists of two wires twisted together at the center with filaments or bristles radiating from the core. Brushes are available in different diameters and lengths. Come with a hanging loop for easy installation and they are very easy to clean.

The brushes are used in filtration systems in fish farms, hatcheries, public aquarium, domestic fish ponds and research institutes.   No other filter medium is as widely used or has been as extensively tested and proved.

Made in the UK and widely regarded as the best koi filter brush in the marketplace.

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  • Pond Filter Brush 16" X 4" 3 pack

    Black Knight Filter Brush 16″ X 4″, 3 pack

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  • PondH2o Quality Pond Products Black Knight Filter Brush

    Black Knight Pond Filter Brushes 16″ x 6″

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