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2 Inch (60mm) Sintered Airstone, Pack of 2


  • Stepped End 3/16th and 5/16th Fittings
  • 2 Inch (60mm) Diameter
  • Fits all Standard Air Hose
  • For Fish Tanks, Ponds & Aquariums
  • Round Ball Air Stone Bubble Diffusers
  • Gives a Rich Micro Bubbles of Oxygen
  • Value 2 Pack

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  • 30 Day ReturnsMoney back guarantee
  • Same Day DispatchWhen you order before 2pm

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About Pondh2o


2 Inch (60mm) Sintered Airstone, high quality round ball type air stone that will gives a rich micro bubbles of oxygen. Pond & Aquarium Airstone Aeration is a important part of pond and aquarium care, maintaining oxygen levels and helping fish stock levels. Air stones allow oxygen to get to the roots of the plants to keep a healthy eco system improving water quality and circulation. Airflow dependent on depth of Pond (aquarium) and output of air pump. Fitting for all standard airlines. Value Two Pack Airstones. 3/16th And 5/16th Fittings. 2” / 60mm Diameter – Value 2 Pack.

Visit PondH2o’s information center to read more on choosing the correct location for your water garden koi fish pond by clicking HERE.    As always, remember to check our Facebook page for coupons and news.

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Weight 1 lbs



PondH2o search the globe for Koi Fish Pond & Water Garden products looking for original items to bring to the pond and water garden consumer in North America. Everything from Pond Pumps, floating plant baskets, mesh plastic baskets, Flexible Pond Liners to pond filters, decoys, solar powered Fountains  and pond decor. Check PondH2o's extensive inventory to see for yourself...
About Pondh2o


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