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Black Knight Pond Filter Brush 12″ X 4″


  • Size is 12 Inch Long by 4 Inch Diameter
  • Plastic Hang Loop
  • 3 Filter Brushes with each Sale

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black knight filter brushes


Black Knight filter brush is made from the very highest quality Hydrotek polypropylene.  Twisted into two stainless steel wires to form a cylindrical brush with a loop at one end for hanging. The other end is capped with a plastic knob for safety. They last indefinitely and are the easiest to use, most efficient and most cost-effective pond filter medium you can buy. Comes in pack of three (3).  Easy koi fish pond and water garden maintenance.

  • Size is 12 Inch Long by 4 Inch Diameter
  • Plastic Hang Loop
  • 3 Filter Brushes with each Sale

Black Knight Filter Brush provides biological & Mechanical pond water filtration.  Pond filter brushes are used as mechanical filtration components in pond filtration systems. These brushes are designed to capture and remove larger debris and particles from the water as it passes through the filter. The bristles of the brush provide a textured surface that traps leaves, twigs, and other debris, preventing them from entering the deeper layers of the filtration system.

By capturing these larger particles, pond filter brushes help prevent clogging in other filter media and promote efficient functioning of biological and chemical filtration components. This contributes to maintaining water clarity, reducing nutrient levels, and supporting a healthier pond environment. Regular cleaning of the filter brushes is necessary to ensure their continued effectiveness in trapping debris.

Be sure to check out our Information Center for our Pond Blog on Getting your Pond Ready for Fall.   As always, remember to check our Facebook page for coupons and news.

Additional information

Weight 3.000497 lbs


Black Knight

Black Knight filter brushes are the best selling filter brush in the world. Black Knight brushes are made from high quality hydrotech polypropylene that has been twisted on to two stainless steel wires. A loop is then added at the top of the brush to allow for easy hanging and a rubber cover is added to the bottom of the brush for safety. Black Knight filter brushes are primarily used as mechanical filtration in pond filter systems to remove larger solids and also to provide a level of biological filtration. They are lightweight, easy to clean and do not need replacing. We recommend that when using Black Knight brushes in a filter system, they are overlapped by upto 50mm(2"). Overlapping increases the brushes biological and mechanical efficiency. The filter brushes can be placed in the filter vertically or horizontally.
black knight filter brushes


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