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Deluxe Pond Liner 24’6″ x 24’6″ (7.5m x 7.5m)


• Size is 24 Foot 6 Inches by 24 Foot 6 Inches (7.5m x 7.5m)
• Strong Woven Mesh Core HDPE Liner
• 14 Mil, 0.35 mm Thick
• Rot Proof and UV Stabilized Material, can be cut to Size
• Suitable for all types of Pond Construction, Easy to Install

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Swell UK


Deluxe Pond Liner 24’6″ x 24’6″ (7.5m x 7.5m).  These Deluxe Liners are one of our most popular pond liner ranges, offering both, great value for your money and easy to install as a waterproof membrane. Our liners are totally fish safe and come with a guarantee.

Our Deluxe Pond Liners are strong, tough and extremely durable. This excellent quality liner comes with a 15-year guarantee to give you that extra peace of mind.  All of the Deluxe Pond Liners are UV resistant.

The 0.35mm or 14 Mil thick liner is ideal for the standard shape water garden pond. Additionally, due to the flexibility of the liner it would easily suit the more intricate design allowing for your creativity.

Deluxe Pond Liner 24’6″ x 24’6″ (7.5m x 7.5m)

The Deluxe Pond Liners are made from a high-density polyethylene, HDPE, and are black in color.
Please note, the 15 year guarantee is in the event that the HDPE Deluxe Pond Liner is broken down by the suns rays and not from puncture.

To maintain the guarantee underlay must be used during installation to help protect the liner for years of enjoyment (Sold Separately).


Swell UK

Swell UK is one of  the UK's leading retailers of aquarium and pond supplies.  Over the last decade, this passion for aquatics and an equally important desire for excellent customer service has led Swell UK from humble beginnings to our 25,000 square foot, computer-controlled warehouse, with a nationwide reputation for superb aquatics equipment, superior service and amazing, money-saving prices for our customers.
Swell UK

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Weight 22.0625 lbs


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