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Floating Pond Planter Round 10″ (25cm)


  • Floating Fabric Aquatic Plant Basket
  • 25 cm or 10 Inch Round, 10 Inch Deep
  • Will Float Pond Plants on Surface
  • Allowing More Plants in the Pond
  • Traps Pond Soil, Substrates, and plant roots

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Floating Planter Round 10″ (25cm), floating Aquatic planter baskets are made from durable cloth. The material is porous, so the roots will always be supplied with enough water. In addition, the plant roots are contained preventing fish from eating the roots. The Styrofoam floating ring allows the basket to float in any random place on the water surface, however, it can also be fixed with a weight to the loop.

The baskets, which are equipped with Styrofoam floating rings, can be linked together mutually and can be applied in any random place on the water surface. In this way ā€œPlant Islandsā€ will be created, which present a fascinating effect, even in places where the water is too deep to plant on the bottom of your pond. Perfect for Water Garden Ponds with no Shelves.

Easy To Use the Floating Planter Round 10″ (25cm): Simply fill the planter with a few centimeters of aquatic pond soil, place the plant, surrounding soil over the top (SOLD SEPARATE). Fill the rest of the basket with rinsed gravel or plant substrate (SOLD SEPARATE). Let Float in the pondā€¦

For additional information on aquatic pond planting, be sure to check out ourĀ Information Center for our Pond Blog onĀ  Pond Plants & Fish.


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