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Gold Label Pond Pipe Repair Tape

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• 1 Inch (25mm) width x 9.8 Feet (3m) length

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Hutton Gold Label


Pond Pipe Repair Tape

Gold Label Pond Pipe Repair Tape has a unique way of forming a strong self sealing rubber bonded repair to your water garden pond pipework.  Gold Label Repair Tape sets and cures as at is exposed to the air.  After the tape has been applied to the area and left for a few hours to cure it’s appearance will be like a tight band of rubber.
• Instant Repair
• Easy to Use
• Self Sealing

Easy to use:

Turn off water pressure in the pipe.  Clean the area to be repaired.  Pull length of Pipe Repair Tape and stretch tightly around the pipe.  If there is water Pressure in the Lines, make a few more turns to secure the leak.  Check leak and repeat if required.
1 Inch (25mm) width x 9.8 Feet (3m) length
Check this article out about finding and fixing your pond liner leak, within our Information Center.


Gold Label

Gold Label Huttons Products and Supplies specialize in high-quality aquarium/marine/tank/pond sealers, tapes and paints, to name a few!  Gold Label Pond Sealants are unique products that seal all types of leaks and cracks using moisture as a curing agent so no need to drain the water. Suitable for all types of application Rubber/PVC/EPDM/Plastic/Glass Ensure surface is clean before application. Designed for Automotive and industrial use where a Bonding Sealer with a very high bond strength and quick cure time is required. Bonds to most substrates, can be painted over with most types of paint including water based. Does not contain any Isocyanates or harmful solvents. Gold Label Pond Sealant can be left unpainted without being affected by UV Directions: Before application always clean surfaces of contaminates.
Hutton Gold Label

Additional information

Weight 1.1 lbs
Dimensions 20 × 20 × 20 in

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