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Heavy Duty Koi Handling Kit


  • (1) Heavy Duty Koi Pan Net 30” Diameter
  • (1) Waterproof Koi Sock 36 Inch
  • (1) Heavy Duty Telescopic Pole 9 Foot 11 Inch
  • (1) Detachable Handle is 15 Inch (40cm) Long

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Heavy Duty Koi Handling Kit with Pan Net, Waterproof Koi Sock, Telescopic Pole and 15 Inch detachable Handle Pole. This Koi Handling kit includes our 30 Inch Koi pan net and 36 Inch Waterproof Koi sock, paired with our Heavy Duty Telescopic Pole and 15 Inch Heavy Duty Pond Pole. A pan net is a very shallow net that is used to corral the koi and guide it into a viewing bowl. The Pond H2o Water proof Koi Sock, soft black netting material will hold water that will protect the slim coat of your koi. Ideal for Bowling Koi , inspecting or transferring from a Pan Koi Net. Specially designed to keep stress and scale damage to a minimum. The end of the net is open mesh to 12 inches to allow you to drain or to carry as much water as needed. Every koi owner should have One. Safely remove or transfer your valuable fish with our Koi Sock Net. This waterproof 36 inch long sock net allows plenty of room for moving, even the larger sized Koi, with minimum stress. Ideal for transferring your Koi to an inspection tank or bowl for medical treatment. The Strong detachable 15 Inch long solid aluminum handle with a durable 5 inch long rubber hand grip allows for easy movement in tight spots. Comes with a handy hanging loop. Our Net system features a unique “click fast” attachment so you can change to different sizes and types in seconds. The clip system is located at the joining of the net to pole making this point a lot stronger, whereas some nets get let down on this weak point. Part of The Pond H2o Heavy Duty Interchangeable Range. This heads are interchangeable with other net types and pole lengths in the PondH2o Heavy Duty Range so is extremely versatile.
(1) Heavy Duty Koi Pan Net 30” Diameter
30 Inch (Diameter) Pan Net Head
Fish Safe Mesh with Protective Padding
Koi Pan Net with 6mm Mesh
(1) Waterproof Koi Sock 36 Inch
Length of waterproof sock is 36 Inch (90cm)
Length of open mesh is 12 Inch (30cm)
Diameter of Sock is 12 Inch (30cm)
(1) Heavy Duty Telescopic Pole 9 Foot 11 Inch
Heavy Duty Aluminum Telescopic Pole
Extends to 9 Foot 11 Inch (stores at 44 Inches)
Smooth rubber hand grips
(1) Detachable Handle is 15 Inch (40cm) Long
Pole has soft rubber grip 5 Inch Long with hanging loop

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Weight 12.245 lbs



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