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Owl Decoy For Fish Ponds


  • Lifelike Owl Decoy
  • Stands 16 inches Tall
  • Base Can Be Weighted

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Owl Decoy For Fish Backyard Koi Fish Ponds and yards. Made of Strong Polyresin Shell Construction with outdoor paint. Will last thru the seasons. Owl Decoy For Fish Ponds base can be weighted with sand or gravel. Pond protection decoys can be broken into three categories to choose what you feel will be most effective for your koi fish pond, but remember none of the items are totally effective 100% effective. For aggressive predator problems many pond protection measures should be practiced. 

Some useful tips to help protect your pond.

  • Have plenty of surface cover the koi fish can hide under like lily pads or floating pond plant baskets.
  • Herons like to land and walk up to the pond so place natural barriers like small bushes or picket fences.
  • Use motion activated outside lights that cover the pond to come on at dawn and dusk.
  • Try changing locations of your decoys.

For more information on Water Garden Pond and Yard decoys, check out our pond protection items Pond Decoys.

For additional assistance with heron and pond protection ideas, check our information center for latest articles on Pond Fish Protection.   As always, remember to check our Facebook page for coupons and news.

Additional information

Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 20 × 10 × 10 in



PondH2o search the globe for Koi Fish Pond & Water Garden products looking for original items to bring to the pond and water garden consumer in North America. Everything from Pond Pumps, floating plant baskets, mesh plastic baskets, Flexible Pond Liners to pond filters, decoys, solar powered Fountains  and pond decor. Check PondH2o's extensive inventory to see for yourself...
About Pondh2o basket shop


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