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PondH2o Bakki Shower Ceramic Filter Media


  • PondH2o has long lasting ceramic media
  • Produces both mechanical and biological filtration
  • Ideal for Bakki Shower Filters
  • 18 Pieces
  • Size 6.42” x 1.65” per piece

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PondH2o Bakki Shower Ceramic Filter Media, Biological Bacteria House.  PondH2o is long lasting aquatic ceramic media, highly porous ceramic material produces both mechanical and biological filtration.  Much greater surface to allow very large bacteria populations to colonize. Ideal for Bakki Shower Filters. Ideal for Pond, Fish Tanks, Aquariums, Freshwater, and Marine environments. Reduces Ammonia, Nitrites & Nitrates. Improves Water Quality and Clarity. Long lasting, highly porous ceramic material produces both mechanical and biological filtration.  Fish & Aquatic habitat safe pond filter media filtration media, simply wash with water prior to placement in your water garden pond or aquarium.

Here’s a general overview of how Bakki Shower Ceramic Filter Media is used:

  1. Water Inlet:  The water to be treated enters the Bakke shower ceramic media filter system.
  2. Distribution System: Inside the filter, there is a distribution system that evenly distributes the water over the ceramic media.
  3. Ceramic Media Filtration: The water passes through the ceramic media, which consists of small, porous ceramic beads. These beads trap and filter out impurities, sediments, and particles present in the water.
  4. Cleaning Mechanism: Periodically, the system may have a cleaning mechanism. This could involve backwashing or other methods to remove accumulated contaminants from the ceramic media.
  5. Treated Water Outlet:  Cleaned and filtered water exits the system through an outlet, ready for further use.

    Regular maintenance and adherence to the manufacturer’s guidelines are crucial to ensuring effective and continuous aquatic filtration.

    Visit PondH2o’s information center to read more on proper pond plant maintenance for your water garden koi fish pond by clicking HERE.    As always, remember to check our Facebook page for coupons and news.

    Additional information

    Weight 3 lbs
    Dimensions 6 × 6 × 6 in



    PondH2o search the globe for Koi Fish Pond & Water Garden products looking for original items to bring to the pond and water garden consumer in North America. Everything from Pond Pumps, floating plant baskets, mesh plastic baskets, Flexible Pond Liners to pond filters, decoys, solar powered Fountains  and pond decor. Check PondH2o's extensive inventory to see for yourself...
    About Pondh2o basket shop


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