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Pond H2o Koi & Goldfish Feeding Treats


  • Hand Feed treats for close up enjoyment of your fish
  • 1.1 Lb (500 gram)
  • Zip Locked Sealed Pouch For Freshness

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Pond H2o’s Koi & Goldfish Hand feeding treats for you outdoor fish. 1.1 Lb (500 grams) in a zip locked sealed Pouch for Freshness. Floating Hand Feeding Treats that can be crushed for smaller fish if needed. Great for checking health of your fish up close. Suitable for all types of Ornamental Outdoor Fish.

Koi fish can be trained to associate treats with feeding time, but their level of responsiveness varies. While some koi can be trained to hand-feed, others may not be as receptive. Consistency, patience, and positive reinforcement can contribute to successful treat training with koi.

  • Hand Feed treats for close up enjoyment of your fish
  • 1.1 Lb (500 gram)
  • Zip Locked Sealed Pouch For Freshness

To hand feed treats to koi and goldfish, start by offering small, bite-sized treats like fish pellets or live foods. Extend your fingers into the water, holding the Koi Goldfish Feeding Treats between your fingers. Allow the koi fish to approach and gently take the treat. This helps the koi to build trust and creates a bonding experience with your aquatic pets.

Visit PondH2o’s information center to read more on proper pond plant maintenance for your water garden koi fish pond by clicking HERE.    As always, remember to check our Facebook page for coupons and news.


Additional information

Weight 2 lbs
Dimensions 15 × 12 × 8 in



PondH2o search the globe for Koi Fish Pond & Water Garden products looking for original items to bring to the pond and water garden consumer in North America. Everything from Pond Pumps, floating plant baskets, mesh plastic baskets, Flexible Pond Liners to pond filters, decoys, solar powered Fountains  and pond decor. Check PondH2o's extensive inventory to see for yourself...
About Pondh2o basket shop


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