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Bird Repellent Ribbon, 30 Meters


• Each Box contains 98 Foot (30 Meters) of tough Weather-proof 100 Micron Ribbon • Lightweight Holographic Ribbon uses light to reflected Light • Easy to Use

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STV Pond Pest Deterrent


Bird Repellent Ribbon combines holography, wind and light to irritate pest birds’ senses and create an “off limits” zone against them. Suitable for boats, fisheries, farm sites, loading bays, arable crops, allotments, fruit trees, grape vines and newly seeded lawns. Lightweight, durable, maintenance-free bird repelling product so versatile it keeps suggesting new and effective applications. The bird repellent ribbon flashes as it moves with the wind. Reflecting sunlight, or any light, it produces constantly changing colors and patterns.

This brilliant, flashing ripple effect is picked up by the bird pests as an unsettling danger signal. Whether seen as a predator or a rival for food or space, birds will not ignore this potential menace. It’s properties keep unwanted bird pests away in several ways. Pest birds are also deterred by the metallic noise the material gives off when caught by the slightest breeze.

Directions for Use:

To protect fruit trees and vines or deterring birds from roosting or nesting in eaves, cut the tape to 1 m lengths and hang. For protecting vegetable crops, seedlings and newly seeded lawns, stretch lines of tape between posts at a height of 0.5-1 m above ground level. Alternatively, use a maypole arrangement by stretching lines from a tall center stake and peg them into the ground.

Iridescent tape flashes and reflects light to repel birds, deer and other nuisance animals. Protects fruit and vegetable gardens, lawns and Water Garden Ponds. Welfare friendly deterrent that is safe for wildlife and pets. Tough, weatherproof and long lasting 100 micron tape.



STV International, home of pest-free living, specializing in home use pest control products for over 25 years. Available at

STV Pond Pest Deterrent

Additional information

Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 6.4566929068 × 4.0944881848 × 2.3622047220 in


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