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Summit Barley Straw Small 1138


  • Provides the water clarification benefits of our barley straw bales
  • Barley planters are safe for fish and other pets and wildlife
  • Attractive, floating showcase for non-submerged aquatic plants
  • Small planter measures 3-1/2-inch by 6-inch
  • Treats up to 500 gallons

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Summit Barley Straw small will keep your pond water clean and clear year-round! Barley Straw is easy to use, safe and attractive. Clear your pond, fountain and fish tank naturally! Completely pond and water garden safe, won’t harm fish, aquatic life or plants. As the straw decays it naturally releases chemicals that biologically clean the water. Summit Barley Straw is not an algaecide.

Treats up to 500 gallons and lasts up to 6 months.

Barley Straw is easy to use:

Place the barley straw bale on the surface of the pond,  in an area the gets good pond circulation.   You do not want the Summit Barley Straw to sink to the bottom of the pond or water garden.  The Summit Barley Straw is most effective on the surface of your pond.  If the straw should sink, easily remove from the water for at least 24 to 48 hours to allow it to dry.  Once dry replace in the pond. Allow one month for the bale to become effective. Replace Summit Barley Straw after 6 months of use. For continuous treatment, after 5 months, place a new bale next to the old one. Then remove the oldest one at the 6 months. For best results keep Summit barley straw bale floating on the pond year round.

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